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News Flash – 24 June 2019

National News



Two Russians held for withdrawing Rs.50,000 with Cloned ATM card



Mumbai: Two Russians were arrested recently for allegedly withdrawing Rs 50,000 from the bank account of a Khar resident even as his bank ATM card was in his possession. The money was withdrawn using the 40-year-old account holder’s cloned card in March. Officials of Khar police station learnt that the two men—Pethyu George Jiji (51) and Nedesco Yaun Yanoon (36)—who stole the money are the same who had been caught by Bandra police station officials on May 29 for allegedly fitting a skimmer and hidden camera at the bank’s ATM kiosk on Water Field Road in Bandra. The two Russian nationals are in police custody as they are suspected to have stolen many cardholders’ details over the last four months by fitting skimmers at ATMs. The Khar resident learnt about the fraud at midnight on March 2 after he got a series of transaction alerts on his phone about money being withdrawn from his salary account. During the probe the duo was arrested after the Khar police station got their custody from Bandra on June 19.



Eye in Sky: Delhi Starts Installing CCTV’s

KICK-OFF: Manish Sisodia himself installed a couple of cameras in Patparganj, his assembly constituency.



New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party government’s flagship scheme of installing 1.4 lakh closed-circuit television cameras in public places was formally launched on Sunday by deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia who himself installed a couple of cameras in Patparganj, his assembly constituency. Dozens of CCTV cameras have already been installed in different parts of the city. “This is a historic project with regard to women’s safety. A big dream of the people has been fulfilled. Women’s security and law and order may not be under the Delhi government, but we are doing everything within our power to provide it to women,” Sisodia said. The deputy chief minister said, “Delhi Police may not be with us, but rest assured that Delhi government’s cameras will keep an eye out for you in all corners of the city. No miscreant, chain snatcher or harasser will be able to escape surveillance. All that women now have to do is describe the attacker and we’ll find the culprit in no time with the help of the video footage. The cameras will come as a huge relief for our daughters, sisters and mothers who are afraid to step out after dark for fear of harassment and assault”. Installation of 2,000 CCTV cameras in each of the 70 assembly constituencies was one of the key promises made by the Aam Aadmi Party before the 2015 assembly elections. The project was delayed due to a prolonged tussle between the lieutenant governor (LG) and Delhi government. This was one of the main reasons for chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and three of his cabinet colleagues to stage a Dharna inside LG House last year. The cameras were installed after MLAs consulted various Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWA) to determine the spots for optimum surveillance and benefits.



Public consultation is over in several parts of the assembly constituencies paving the way for installation of the cameras. Since the execution of the project has already been delayed, the AAP government doesn’t want to waste any more time and has directed the authorities to finish installation of all 1.4 lakh cameras within three months. Completion of the work will boost the confidence of AAP when it goes to the people seeking votes for the state assembly elections due early next year. In the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, the opposition parties had used the absence of cameras to target AAP. The state government has planned to install 1.5 lakh more cameras in the second phase of the project, which will be in addition to those being installed in government schools. “The tendering process has started for the second phase,” Sisodia added. Keeping in view incidents of power cables being cut off by miscreants, the government has decided to install cameras that run on Wi-Fi, making the system tamperproof. Live feed and footage up to 20 days will be provided to RWA members, the station house officer (SHO) of the local police station and a central control room at PWD headquarters. RWA members can track the feeds on their mobile phones even for issues like damage to vehicles. “Every SHO will get access to video feeds on their mobile phone from areas under their jurisdiction. Policemen will no more need to run around looking for footage, which usually delays investigations. The PWD headquarters will have access to every single feed across the city to ensure there is no tampering,” said the deputy chief minister, adding that the CCTV cameras will not just be installed in colonies and housing societies, but also in slums.



14 Dead, 50 Injured as Storm Blows Down Tent in Barmer

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Strong winds not only brought down the 50-foot-tall pandal but also the sagging power cables, leading to electrocution and stampede, consecutively.



Jaisalmer/Jaipur: At least 14 people were killed and over 50 others injured after strong winds and rain brought down the “Pandal” (tent) at a religious congregation in Barmer on Sunday afternoon. Most of the victims are believed to have died due to electrocution when the sagging power cables fell to the drenched ground, triggering a stampede. The victims, including children and elderly men and women, had gathered in Jasol to listen to “Ram Katha” by Murlidhar Maharaj when the tragedy struck. Most of the bodies brought to a local hospital had their mouths open, indicating electrocution. However, the local administration said only post-mortem reports would reveal the causes of death. Locals at Jasol town claimed they had seen heavy winds uprooting the 50-foothigh pandal, burying devotes under a heap of iron poles holding up the makeshift shed. The entire floor, which just a couple of minutes before had an air of celebration, erupted in pandemonium. Many elderly devotees and some children could not escape and were said to have died on the spot due to the electric current passing across the rain-drenched ground.



“The entire ground was filled with mud due to heavy rain and the electric current quickly swept through the area due to which we could not easily rescue people stranded inside the mangled pandal,” a local said, adding that the electric current had initially stalled the rescue operation. Over 700 devotees had gathered under the tent on the second day of the “Ram Katha” when the tragedy occurred. Murlidhar Maharaj, who was singing a bhajan from the podium, stopped midway and screamed, “Pandal ud raha hai (The pandal is beng blown away) ”. The entire Ram Katha was broadcast live on You Tube. Officials said Murlidhar Maharaj had escaped unscathed but was still admitted to a hospital. Speaking to TOI, district collector Himashu Gupta said the “Ram Katha” had been organized near Mata Bhatiyani Rai temple in Jasol town. “Some of the injured have been shifted to Jodhpur, others are undergoing treatment in hospitals at the Balotra and Barmer district headquarters,” he said. An ex gratia amount of Rs.5 lakhs for the next of kin of each dead person and Rs.2 lakhs for each injured person was announced. The CM is expected to visit Barmer on Monday.

News Flash – 21 June 2019

National News



4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Satara Region



Pune: Parts of the Satara region recorded their first earthquake of a magnitude greater than 4.5 on the Richter scale in over seven years. This was followed by an aftershock around 7.47am on Thursday. While the earthquake was of 4.8 magnitude, the aftershock was of magnitude 3. However, no loss of life or property has been reported. The earthquake occurred around 20km from the Koyna dam in Satara, India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials told TOI. The depth of the first shock was 10 km below the earth’s surface. Officials said this was the first earthquake of such magnitude to have occurred in this part of Satara in some years. In the past seven years, earthquakes of magnitude between 1 and 4.5 have been recorded in this region. The epicenter was considerably distant from the Koyna dam, which is usually a hotspot for earthquakes. This was also the first quake in Satara in 2019. As per IMD, the coordinates for the quake are 17.3°N 73.8°E. Since the beginning of 2019, Palghar has been the only location in the state affected by a series of earthquakes. Officials from the IMD’S seismology department said the aftershock, which originated at a depth of 5km below the earth’s surface, was felt around 8.27am. “The aftershock was relatively shallow. Data over the past few years has shown that though one earthquake on an average affects this location each year, quakes with a magnitude of 4 or more are less common here,” an official said.



In 2012, the location had recorded an earthquake of 4.9 magnitude. In 2013, 2015 and 2016, no earthquakes were recorded in this region. Also, in the past seven years, the epicenter has remained almost the same, IMD officials said. “Earthquakes between 1 and 5 magnitudes are termed light, while those from 5.1 to 6.9 magnitude are termed moderate. Thursday’s tremor was a light one. Preliminary investigations revealed that the quake could have occurred due to a fault line in the tectonic plates in the crust. The fault line in question could have been the one extending from the Koyna region or one that has developed somewhere in this region itself where the tremors were felt,” the official said. The official said that as tectonic plates shift constantly, the stress build-up can increase at times, activating a fault line. This can cause tremors in a region. As per theory, the Indo-Australian Plate a major tectonic plate that includes the continent of Australia and surrounding ocean, extending northwest to include the Indian subcontinent and adjacent waters is constantly in motion. The average speed at which this plate moves is 4.8cm to 5.2cm annually though the velocity is not uniform, an IMD official said. Meanwhile, an official from the Satara disaster management authority said that the Koynanagar observatory scaled Thursday’s earthquake at 3.7 magnitude. “Also, as per our observations, the epicenter was not in Satara, but in Devrukh village in Sangameshwar taluka of Ratnagiri district,” he added.



Firemen Save 100 lives from Blaze in Pitampura Building


New Delhi: For the second time in the past two days, firefighters saved the lives of around 100 people and a pet dog after a major fire broke out in a residential society in northwest Delhi’s Pitampura early on Thursday. Chief fire officer of Delhi Fire Service, Atul Garg, said they were informed about the incident at 1.10am from Tower Heights Apartments in QD-Block, Pitampura. When the firemen reached there, they noticed smoke and fire billowing out from the fifth floor of the 10-storey building. People on the top floors were trapped. The intensity of the fire was raised to Make 6 category from Make 4 and additional fire tenders and Bronto cranes were sent to the spot. Avtar Singh, a DFS officer, said the fire had started in a flat on the fifth floor. However, smoke had engulfed the entire passageway and the staircase, blocking the escape route. “People had panicked and gone to the terrace. We went in and started bringing down women and children one by one. We assured the people on the terrace that things were under control before bringing them down,” Singh said. The fire safety equipment of the society was found defunct, which prolonged the rescue operation.



By 3.15am, the blaze was brought under control. Most of the residents had also been rescued by then. The fire was completely doused by 3.20am and the cooling operation continued till dawn. A probe has revealed that the fire started after an air conditioner in a flat malfunctioned. The blaze quickly spread through the woodwork. Later, firemen went up with the help of the Bronto cranes and scanned the entire building to check if anyone was still trapped. All 100 residents were accounted for. The firemen also played hero to a puppy who was trapped in the flat. They broke open the doors and safely rescued the canine. A woman survivor said they were lucky that the fire was noticed in time by a few residents. “When the smoke started to come out of the flat, some people out for a walk raised an alarm. They and the security guards then started ringing the doorbells of all the flats to alert the occupants about the fire,” she added.



CCTV Cameras Help Locals nab Thief



Chennai: Residents of Vysarpadi nabbed a thief on Thursday with the help of CCTV camera footage. Police said after a spike in burglaries, residents decided to form groups of youths to monitor houses. They also installed CCTV cameras across the locality. On Wednesday night, a house at BV Colony was burgled. After the incident came to light, the residents checked CCTV camera footage and found a man entering the house. The procured an image from the footage and tracked him to a rented house at MKB Nagar. The man, identified as Sahul, 20, was then handed over to the police. Police found 10 phones and jewellery in his possession. The ornaments however were ‘imitation’ jewellery. Police said Sahul had rented the house to target houses whose owners had gone on a vacation.

News Flash – 20 June 2019

National News



Fireman Falls while Fighting Blaze at Powai Mall, Critical

A video grab of the fire at Haiko Mall; (inset) Fireman Devendra Koradkar who was injured.



Mumbai: A fire broke out at Haiko Mall at Hiranandani Gardens in Powai on Wednesday morning and left some fire brigade personnel critically injured. Fireman Devendra Koradkar was putting out the fire on the mall’s second floor when an acrylic sheet under him gave way and he fell down. No one else was injured and the fire was doused. Fire brigade officials said that a food stall inside the complex, where the fire is suspected to have started, was operating without permissions. They have asked the police to book the stall’s owner as well as the mall’s manager for negligence. Locals, who were at the mall when the fire broke out, told the police that the blaze started most likely somewhere on the first floor, above the Haiko supermarket. The fire broke out around 10am, and the mall was evacuated soon after, said an officer. After fire engines reached the spot, fire personnel entered the mall to release the pressure inside and allow ventilation so that the fire could be put out. “Koradkar was on the second floor helping a fellow fireman when he fell two floors down and sustained severe injuries,” said the officer, adding that he was immediately rushed to a hospital. Koradkar was operated on for his injuries.



Chief fire officer P S Rahangdale said: “Prima facie, it appears that the fire originated at the food stall when food was being prepared with the help of electrical appliances. The stall did not have permissions to do so. The fire spread quickly due to the carbon soot that was accumulated in the non-maintained chimney. We have got the electricity and water supply to the mall disconnected. We have also asked the police to lodge an FIR against the food stall owner and the manager of the mall”. A local said that though the fire was contained in the morning itself, people were not allowed inside the mall till late in the evening. An eatery and music store next door were also cordoned off after the incident. “There is a small restaurant and several shops selling apparel and artefacts on level one of the complex. We are not sure if all these shopping units and restaurants have individual permissions from the BMC, or if the shopping complex has a collective municipal license and fire no-objection certificate. Either way, the fire brigade must inquire if the mall has safety equipment or not,” said a Powai resident.



As Fire Rages, Seven Trapped in Building Rescued after an Hour


New Delhi: A major fire tragedy was averted when seven people, including six women and a child, were rescued from a building in southeast Delhi’s Abul Fazal Enclave on Wednesday morning. Atul Garg, chief fire officer, Delhi Fire Service, said the incident was reported at 3.22am and four fire tenders were pressed into service. All the seven trapped inside the building were rescued after an hour’s operation, he said. Though a formal incident report was yet to be compiled, a preliminary probe revealed that the probable cause of fire was a short circuit in the electricity circuit board installed on the ground floor. The flames travelled through the wires and spread to the vehicles parked by the occupants of the six storey residential building. At the time of the incident, there were three cars, four motorcycles and two Scooty’s parked all of which caught fire. As the fire spread, the occupants tried to rush out but found the staircase covered in smoke. To save themselves, the women and the child ran to the upper floor and cried for help following which locals gathered and tried to douse the flames, but to no avail.



Assistant divisional fire officer, Mahmood, who led the rescue operation, said the first fire tender reached the spot in three minutes from Sarita Vihar fire station. Another one was called from Mathura Road station. “The rescue operation started at 3.30am, by which time the smoke had already engulfed four floors. The women climbed to the fifth one to save themselves. We first started containing the fire and then moved in to rescue them,” Mahmood said. After the blaze was brought under control, the firemen used their ladders to reach the trapped victims and brought them out to safety. All the seven suffered no serious injuries and were administered first aid on the spot. However, by the time the fire was doused, all the parked vehicles and the first floor of the building were charred. The cops from the local police station were also present at the scene to support the rescue operation. They later took the statement of the victims to initiate the investigation. A team of forensic experts visited the spot and collected samples to ascertain the cause of fire.



Government to Install 10, not 4, Panic Buttons in Buses

CONFIDENCE BUILDING: The Delhi cabinet had approved the installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons in DTC and cluster scheme buses in July 2017.



New Delhi: To make Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Cluster Scheme buses safer for women, Delhi government has planned to install 10 panic buttons in each bus, instead of four panic buttons decided earlier, sources said. “Earlier, we had decided to install four panic buttons and three CCTV camera in each bus but now it has been decided that there would be five buttons each on both sides of a bus,” a senior transport department official said. “The panic buttons and the live feed from the CCTV cameras would be linked to a central control room in the transport department office. As soon as a passenger would press a panic button, an alert would be raised at the control room and also at the DTC depot manager’s office,” he said. “In case of an emergency, police would also be alerted immediately. Two-way communication with the driver would also be possible from the control room,” he said. The official said that tenders for installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons in buses would be issued again soon, as earlier tenders did not elicit good response.



The Delhi cabinet had approved the installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons in buses in July 2017 but the tender for these were finally floated in November 2018. “There were only two firms that had responded to the tender. One of them had applied after the last date and was technically disqualified. That left only one bidder. That is why the tender has to be floated again,” another official said. The installation of CCTV cameras in public transport buses has been a key poll promise of the Aam Aadmi Party. In his first budget speech as finance minister for the financial year 2015-16, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia had proposed installation of CCTV cameras in all DTC and cluster buses in the national capital. DTC and cluster buses are expected to get state-of-the-art internet protocol CCTV cameras and each bus will have three such cameras. Their installation and maintenance will be for five years. A screen will telecast the output from the cameras. “The moment a panic button is pressed, live streaming will start,” the official said.

News Flash – 19 June 2019

National News



Bank Officer Raises Alarm & Foils Robbery in Jalgaon, Shot Dead

One of the robbers tried to overpower Karansingh Negi (inset) at his workstation, but he immediately bent down and pressed the burglar alarm. He was shot on the shoulder and died on the way to hospital.



Nashik: Two armed robbers shot dead the assistant branch manager of Vijaya Bank at Nimbol village in Raver taluka of Jalgaon district, around 310km from here, on Tuesday afternoon. The incident was a near re-run of the shooting that left an IT engineer dead at the office of Muthoot Finance Company in Nashik on June 14. The criminals fired at Karansingh Negi (31), who foiled the robbery by pressing the burglar alarm. Negi was hit by the bullet in the shoulder and died on his way to hospital due to excessive bleeding. Police said the robbers came around 2.20pm on a motorcycle and wearing black helmets and brandishing revolvers. One of them fired a bullet at a wall in an attempt to frighten the five bank employees, including two women. Jalgaon SP Panjabrao Ugle told TOI that one of the robbers tried to overpower Negi at his workstation. “However, Negibent down and pressed the burglar alarm, which caught the goons off guard. They quickly turned to the exit. When Negi stood up, one of the robbers fired at him. The bullet hit Negi in the right shoulder and he collapsed,” he said.



Negi, who hails from Himachal Pradesh, was living in a rented house in Nimbol. Police officials commended him for displaying alacrity by pressing the alarm, which prevented the criminals from robbing the bank. Bank officials said the branch manager was out when the robbers entered. The Vijaya Bank branch is around 17km from the MP border. The Jalgaon police enforced nakabandi along all the roads leading to the MP border. The police said they were yet to establish the direction in which the robbers had fled. Some villagers told the police that they had seen two men spend some time sitting opposite the bank. “They left a water bottle there. They were probably waiting for the right time to enter the bank,” a police official said. Meanwhile, the state home department has taken a strong view of the two armed robberies. Minister of state for home Deepak Kesarkar said he was upset with the Jalgaon police. “After the Nashik shooting incident, the police have to be on their toes,” he added.



International News



Homeless Man Robs Bank at ‘Banana Point’ to get into Jail



UK: A man facing homelessness who held up a bank with a banana, stealing more than £1,000 before handing himself in to police, has been jailed for 14 months. Laurence James Vonderdell threatened a cashier at a Barclays branch in Bournemouth, UK, with the fruit, which he covered with a plastic bag, and shouted “This is a stick-up, give me the cash”. The court heard the man had recently been evicted from his flat, and decided to rob the bank to get arrested so he would “have a roof over his head”.

News Flash – 18 June 2019

National News



Attempt to Break Open ATM Foiled



Chennai: A day after a private bank ATM was opened on Gandhi Road in Avadi, it was targeted by a miscreant on Sunday. A passerby noticed a man attempting to break open the ATM. He downed the shutters of the kiosk and alerted police. However, the culprit fled before police arrived. No cash was stolen from the kiosk, said police. When the passerby went to draw cash from the ATM, which was inaugurated on Saturday, he saw the suspect attempting to break open the machine. The passerby warily stepped out and pulled down the shutter. He then got on his bike and rushed to a police patrol vehicle on Gandhi Road. Even as he drove towards the policemen to alert them, he heard the man trapped inside the kiosk knocking vigorously and attempting to escape. On information, police rushed to the spot. However, they found no one inside the kiosk. Police informed the bank officials and they confirmed that cash was intact in the machine. Avadi police registered a case and collected the CCTV camera footage.



Fire breaks out in barrack at old ATC complex



Mumbai: A fire broke out at Mumbai airport’s old air traffic control complex in Sahar on Monday evening. A Mumbai airport spokesperson said that the fire broke out in an unoccupied Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) barrack which was located in the air traffic control complex. “No one was injured. The fire was brought under control by our firefighting team,’’ said the airport spokesperson. As the building where the fire broke out was close to the complex’s compound wall, the raging fire was visible from the road that ran adjacent to it.



“Suspicious Timer Bomb-Like” device found near Kalamboli School Campus

A member of the bomb detection team examines the device.



Navi Mumbai: There was much panic near a school in Kalamboli for some time on Monday as a “suspicious” device resembling a “timer bomb” was found in a box left on a handcart in the vicinity. The device, suspected to be an improvised explosive device, was spotted by the watchman of New Sudhagad School around 2pm on Monday. For now, nothing dangerous has been found. Members of the Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad of the Navi Mumbai police reached the spot and moved the device to an open ground. The device was kept in a box on the handcart parked about 50mt from the compound. “It had wires jutting out of it. The wires, attached to a battery, were dangling out of the box,” said a source from the crime branch of Navi Mumbai police. “This made the school watchman suspect that a bomb had been planted on the handcart”. The device was taken far from the school. “We did not want the schoolchildren to panic,” the source added. Commissioner of police Sanjay Kumar said nothing dangerous about the device has been found for now. Footage from cameras shows a suspect parking the handcart near the school on Sunday.



“Three elements are required to make an explosive device—the switch, power source and charge. In this device that we have recovered, there is a power source that we have disintegrated. There was a 12 Volts battery which is unnecessary. Then there is a switch mechanism in the form of an analogue watch, but this watch has a limitation of fixing the timer for only 12 hours. Its timer had been set at ‘1.30”. Kumar added that if the person intended to trigger a blast, the timer would now have to be reset. “So, for now, the device, if at all it is an explosive, is not live,” he said. Also, there is a charge, meant for storage of explosives which was in the form of a steel box that was locked. The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad opened the lock, using a screwdriver and found a cement block inside. So, experts used a jet machine to penetrate the steel box to almost 3 inches. “But experts found only cement inside the steel box. We will still do an x-ray scan to see if there is any explosive mixed in the cement. If not, it means somebody has played a prank,” he said. Kumar said if there is explosive material in the charge, it is a “serious” matter. He said that if they are unable to find the charge, the suspected device will be blasted using a mild bomb.

News Flash – 17 June 2019

National News



Gang Kingpin held for Rs.30 Lakhs Robbery at Doctor’s House

IN NET: Aftab.



New Delhi: Eight months after armed men forced their way into the house of a doctor in Mukherjee Nagar and looted cash and items worth Rs 30 lakh, the crime branch has arrested the kingpin of the gang. The accused, Aftab Hussain, was involved in several cases of violent robberies in the city, police said. According to DCP (crime) Ram Gopal Naik, Hussain had fled to Mumbai after the incident. “A team of ACP Arvind and inspector Dinesh Kumar received information that Hussain, with aliases of Rihaan and Chand, would be coming to a petrol pump on the main Wazirabad road to meet a friend and together they planned to carry out another robbery,” Naik said. A trap was laid and the accused arrested. A pistol was seized from him. During interrogation, the accused disclosed his involvement in a series of robberies. He also admitted to have been a part of the gang that had robbed the doctor in October. Talib, a friend of Hasan’s, had told him that the doctor kept a large amount of money at his residence in Mukherjee Nagar. On October 15, Hussain, Talib and four other men Murli, Surjeet, Nitin and Vijay forcibly entered the house and tied the doctor up. They took away Rs 5.5 lakh in cash and diamond and gold jewellery from the house. When the doctor resisted, they assaulted him. Police had arrested Hussain’s associates earlier, but the kingpin himself had remained elusive. In another operation, a notorious criminal, Saifi, was arrested from Jafrabad. Last year, he had shot himself in the arm to implicate his rival in a case of attempted murder.



325 Health Workers to check Dengue Mosquito Breeding


Hyderabad: In a bid to do keep vector borne diseases especially dengue and chikungunya at bay, the state health department plans to recruit ‘breeding checkers’ ahead of the monsoon season. Their role will be to identify and prevent breeding of dengue and chikungunya causing Aedes mosquitoes. This is the first time that the health department has planned to control dengue by employing ‘breeding checkers’. A total of 325 specialized professionals will be deployed across 13 districts where the case load of dengue has been particularly high last year. Although, so far, anti-larvae and mosquito control activities were dealt with by municipal corporations, the new measure has been planned as both dengue and chikungunya saw an exponential rise in 2018. Dengue cases went up to 6,362 in 2018 as compared to 3,827 in 2017, while chuikungunya cases went up to 1,063 in 2018 from 58 in 2017.



The 13 districts where breeding checkers will be deployed are Adilabad, Khammam, Bhadadri Kothagudem, Peddapally, Mahabubnagar, Warangal rural, Warangal urban, Karimnagar, Jayashankar Bhupalapally, Ranga Reddy, Mahabubabad, Medchal and Nizamabad. The breeding checkers must have passed Class 10 and will be recruited at a salary of Rs. 10,000 per month for a period of five months and will be given training before deployment. Payments will be made with National Health Mission (NHM) funds. Their role in the vector borne disease control includes working in tandem with the primary health centres, conducting pyrethrum space spray and fogging operations, conducting focal spray, ensuring timely submission of daily reports on status of antilarvae activities, submitting monthly reports and having a mandate to cover 100 houses per day (600 in a week) for antilarval operations.



Blaze at Lenin Sarani building Sparks Panic

Firefighters try to douse the fire at the building on Lenin Sarani on Sunday.



Kolkata: A fire at a temporary structure on the roof of a five-storey building on Lenin Sarani sparked panic on Sunday. The temporary structure, which allegedly operated as a lodge, was gutted in the fire that was spotted around 6pm, a fire official said. Nine fire tenders had to be pressed into action to douse the blaze. Fire officials said that the fire was brought under control by 6.35pm and it was doused by 7.07pm. No one was trapped or injured in the incident. Residents of the area claimed that the lodge was being operated in the temporary structure without fire-safety clearance, for which minister of state for fire service Sujit Bose ordered a probe. Bose said a forensic team will visit the spot on Monday to find out the cause of the fire. He added that initially, there were two fire engines and later ladders were sent, following reports of people living in the building. Fire officials said they would investigate if a lodge was indeed operating without the department’s consent. They said they will take action against the owner of the building and will file an FIR if found that he was running a lodge illegally. The building also houses some shops on the ground floor and some residential flats on the upper floors.



Burglars Strike at Police Quarters, make away with Gold & Sash



Chennai: Even the police quarters aren’t off limits for burglars in the city. A traffic special sub-inspector and his family returning home after a week away found the lock of their home in the police quarters at Madhavaram broke and 13 sovereigns of gold jewellery and Rs2000 in cash missing from their almirah on Sunday morning. This is the second burglary in a police quarters in the city in a week. On Thursday night, burglars sneaked into the house of a woman constable at Kondithope police quarters and escaped with valuables. The SSI, Kothandaraman, 51, who is attached to Sembium traffic enforcement and lived on the first floor of A block, had gone to Thiruchendur on June 13. The burglary came to light only when the family returned home. They had kept the key on top of the almirah, which came in handy for the burglars. Based on the complaint from the SSI, Madhavaram police went to the scene and collected fingerprints. Police suspect the hand of someone inside the quarters as outsiders cannot sneak in easily. Police have collected the CCTV from Madhavaram police station, which is located right opposite the quarters. There are 7 blocks in the quarters with 12 apartments in each block.

News Flash – 15 June 2019

National News



Duo Smashes ATM Camera to Rob Rs.10 Lakhs, Caught on CCTV outside

Clockwise from above: One of the robbers hammers the CCTV camera inside the ATM kiosk; he tries to hammer open the machine; the broken ATM from which the cash was taken.


Mumbai: Two masked men cut open an unguarded ATM of a bank and fled with Rs 10 lakh in Palghar in the dead of Thursday night. The two had first jimmied a lock of the shutter of the bank’s branch next door, but abandoned it midway. The police said that one of the suspects, who appears to be in his late twenties, damaged the camera inside the kiosk. The bank is located on Wada Road in Kudus, about 70km from Virar. “But what the two did not realise is that there was a camera right outside the kiosk and both have been captured there,” said a police officer. “They are even seen leaving the ATM kiosk with a bag”. Footage from a camera right outside the Kiosk shows the two outside the ATM around 3.19am. Around 3.21am, one of the suspects enters the kiosk and scans the ceiling, as if trying to locate the security camera. He then places his left hand to cover his eyes and with a hammer smashes the camera. It is within 15 minutes that the two finish their business of cutting open the machine. “The two must have surely downed the shutter of the kiosk while they were at work inside,” said a police officer.



“Before fleeing, they pulled down the shutter of the kiosk”. The two are seen leaving the kiosk with the booty. At 3.31am, the camera has captured the two men lugging a white bag. “While one of them is seen lifting the bag with much difficulty, the other is carrying a gas-cutter.” The theft came to light only when the bank opened for business around 9am on Friday. Inspector Sudam Shinde of Wada police station said that the rain at night possibly muffled the sound of the gas-cutter while it was used to rip open the machine. “Besides, the unearthly hour they chose was, of course, to their advantage,” said Shinde. While there have been cases of attempted breaking at ATM kiosks where machines had been tampered with to steal cash, the police said the use of a gas cutter has led them to investigate if this heist is the handiwork of “professional” ATM robbers. A case of theft has bene registered against two unidentified men.



Train Accident Averted, Thanks to CCTV Cameras

The boulder which was 2.3 metres long, 1.6 metres high and 2.2 metres wide, was big enough to cause serious damage if a train were to hit it.



Mumbai: Central Railway’s decision to install CCTV cameras in the Ghat section of the Mumbai-Pune route paid off on Thursday night as authorities were able to avert an accident by stopping a train well in time before it could hit a fallen boulder. The boulder which was 2.3 metres long, 1.6 metres high and 2.2 metres wide, was big enough to cause serious damage if a train were to hit it. It fell on the track near Lonavla around 8.15 pm, holding up the Mumbai-Kolhapur Sahyadri Express for over two hours. “The monitoring staff not only alerted higher authorities, but also ensured power supply to the overhead equipment was switched off and oncoming trains were stopped well in time,” said Sunil Udasi, chief spokesperson, Central Railway. Senior PRO AK Jain said, “The Sahyadri Express resumed its journey toward Kolhapur around 10.30 pm after it was brought back to Thakurwadi”.



The incident was captured on CCTVs at Monkey Hill near Khandala. CCTV cameras have been installed on the Ghat section for real-time images of loose rocks falling on the tracks to prevent accidents. The Ghat section between Karjat-Lonavla is also patrolled manually. Udasi said, “We have installed 43 cameras in the 12- km stretch of the Monkey Hill-Khandala Ghat section”. CR also carries out surveys with drones to capture visuals of the Ghat section as loose rocks can lead to landslides, endangering the safety of train operations during the monsoon. In 2017, there were three incidents of landslides, but no major casualties. In fact, on August 21, 2017, a boulder had hit a train coach, tearing through its roof, but there were no fatalities. Central Railway has already begun work on removing loose boulders from vulnerable spots. In case of any boulder falling incident, teams can be mobilised to undertake relief and rescue operations.



Motion Sensors, CCTV’s help Man in US Thwart Robbery in Bengaluru House


Bengaluru: It was around 3.25am on Friday. The streets in Manyata Tech Park, near Nagawara, wore a deserted look. Two men — Rajkumar and Dilip — both in their late twenties broke into a locked house in the locality through the terrace. Seconds after the duo gained entry, a smartphone in the US started buzzing. Its owner, Parthasarathy, also the owner of the Bengaluru house, received an alert, indicating his property was under attack. The motion sensors and alarm system he had installed in the building had sensed movements on the premises. Parthasarathy, a retired civil engineer, remotely logged into his home’s CCTV feed and found two men ransacking the house. At 3.30am, he alerted two of his neighbours in Bengaluru, and also put out an alert in the residents’ WhatsApp group. Woken up by the message, one of the neighbours alerted police and a team of eight cops in two Hoysalas arrived at the spot in the next few minutes. Meanwhile, some other neighbours too stepped out, but without raising an alarm. “Soon after seeing Parthasarathy’s message, I called police. I had advised them against using sirens as the thieves were still inside the house. The cops first surveyed all the exit and entry points to the house. As they prepared to act, Dilip, who had reached the terrace again, spotted them,” a neighbour told TOI, requesting anonymity.



It was about 3.50am. Dilip managed to get on to the second floor from the terrace, then to the first and jumped to the ground. “Armed with an iron rod, he threatened to attack us. Swinging the rod, he started running and managed to get past all of us. While some of us, including our dog, chased him for over a kilometre, we could not catch him,” the neighbour added. While all this drama played out, Rajkumar was still inside the house. The neighbour handed over the spare keys of the house to the cops, who used the same to gain entry. Once inside, police found the house completely ransacked, but couldn’t spot Rajkumar. “There were no signs of forced entry. Police then went to the terrace, where they found the door and grill broken; Rajkumar was hiding under a chair,” the neighbour added. “Rajkumar told us he arrived from Nepal only last week and that this was their first attempt at burglary. We are looking for the other person and will have more clarity once we nab him,” said police, who have detained Rajkumar. While Parthasarathy’s tech-savvy ways saved his house on Friday, the elaborate security installations didn’t always exist. About seven months ago, when he was in Singapore, unknown men had burgled his house and made away with valuables, including jewellery and cash. He was forced to cut short his stay there and rush back to Bengaluru. The first thing Parthasarathy did was to install motion sensors and CCTV cameras inside the house. While the motion sensors capture movements in his absence and send an alert to his smartphone, the CCTV cameras allow him to see what’s going on at home.

News Flash – 14 June 2019

National News



Vayu Cyclone Leaves Saurashtra Gasping


Porbandar: The uncertainty of an approaching cyclone and a large-scale evacuation has Paralysed life in coastal Saurashtra. Strong winds accompanied by intermittent showers are adding to people’s anxiety, many of whom are at storm shelters away from their homes. Along the 140-km coastal stretch between Porbandar and Somnath, all one saw was closed shops, locked houses and deserted lanes. Dozens of hotels and restaurants that are usually full of tourists were all closed. Even round-the-clock tyre repair shops were closed. Village lanes were empty with no children and the stray paan shops still operating were the only sign of commerce on Thursday. While Cyclone Vayu did not slam into Saurashtra on Thursday as was feared, it has remained uncomfortably close to the coast. This proximity caused a sense of uncertainty that appeared to unsettle the nerves of people. Fifty-five-year-old Raman Adedara’s patience seemed to be wearing thin. A resident of the coastal town of Mangrol, Adesara said, “It has been more than two days that we have hearing about the cyclone about to hit the coast. Life in town has come to a standstill. I am just waiting for this to end”.



Ramesh Karsan, 70, from Mangrol, said that with no mode of transport available, he was unable to attend the cremation of a relative in Ahmedabad. “Cyclones are not uncommon in this region. They rarely cause extensive damage. I fail to understand why the government is imposing a virtual lockdown of the entire coast,” he said. Sixty-five-year-old Sanjay Vala, whose house in Madhavpur in Porbandar district is next to the beach, said that he decided to stay back while other family members went to safer places. “The cyclone was supposed to strike today (Thursday) but all we have seen is some strong winds and rain. This uncertainty has been causing a lot of problems to everyone,” he said. However, a sense of fear is still visible along the coastal stretch. Every house in Indiranagar Society in Porbandar, located close to the shore, was locked. “The cyclone was earlier supposed to strike near Veraval. As it is now closer to Porbandar, everyone has left,” a resident of the colony said.



Five held for Robbery bids at Knifepoint



Chennai: Police on Wednesday arrested five men in two cases of attempts to rob people at knifepoint in the city. In the first case, Ezhumalai, 25, and his friend Pazhani, 27, were walking on Hiruveedhi Amman Koil Street towards Koyambedu bus terminus around 9pm when two men on a bike intercepted them and demanded money at knifepoint. When Ezhumalai and Pazhani resisted, the robbers attacked them and threatened passersby who tried to intervene before speeding away. Based on a complaint lodged by Ezhumalai and Pazhani, police registered a case and arrested Vignesh, 23, and Deena, 19, from Maduravoyal. They were remanded in judicial custody. In the second case, truck driver Subashkaran, 29, from Thiruvarur, was sleeping inside his vehicle at Periya Mulaigal on the 400 Feet Outer Ring Road at Minjur around 11pm when three men on a motorbike dragged him out and took away Rs.50,00. Based on his complaint, the Minjur police registered a case and arrested Aakash, 24, Jegadeesh, 23, and a juvenile from Ponneri. Subash was admitted to the Ponneri Government hospital with injuries.



International News



81-year-old Robbed Bank just to go back to Prison



USA: An 81-year-old man who has spent most of his adult life behind bars for stealing from banks said he robbed a credit union in Tucson months after his release from prison because his monthly $800 social security payment wasn’t enough to live on, according to court records. Robert Francis Krebs also told FBI agents that he didn’t wear a disguise to the January 2018 robbery because he “kind of wanted to get caught” and return to prison.