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East Delhi Bank Robbery bid Foiled as Security Guard Leads Fightback

Eyewitnesses at the bank said security guard Satender stopped the robbers at the gate because he found their behaviour suspicious.



New Delhi: A Tuesday afternoon attempt to rob the Kotak Mahindra Bank in Krishna Nagar in east Delhi was foiled by the bank’s tenacious security guard, who was helped by the some of the customers present. When the robbers opened fired from their guns, the guard retaliated in kind, though none of the shots hit anyone. Around 2.30pm on Tuesday, two men wearing helmets entered the bank in the Vijay Chowk area near Krishna Nagar’s Bank Colony. Eyewitnesses said security guard Satender stopped the duo at the gate because he found their behaviour suspicious. When challenged by the guard, one of the men pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Satender and tried to grab his rifle. The guard wouldn’t give up and a scuffle ensued. The two intruders began shooting wildly, but fortunately the customers and bank staff ducked behind the tables in time and avoided being shot. The robbers managed to reach the cash counter, but Satender held on to them till officials and some customers rushed to his help. Fearing capture, the two robbers hurried out of the building and met up with an accomplice who was standing guard outside the bank. Satender chased after them and fired from his service rifle, but missed hitting them. He raised an alarm and his shouts alerted the passersby, but the three men got on a bike and rode away.



“There was panic among everyone as bullets were flying inside the bank,” recalled Ritesh, who had seen the action from outside the building. “I could see the robbers pointing their pistol at everyone who tried to move. We thought they would kill someone to prove a point”. When police arrived at the spot, Satender told them that he had been working as the security guard at the bank for the past three years and had used his presence of mind to stop the would-be robbers. In his statement, he described the men who had entered the bank as being 20-25 years old and physically well-built. Police have asked investigators from the Crime Branch and Special Cell for assistance in solving the case. The cops have registered a case of attempt to murder against the unknown intruder even as police prepared to go on a pursuit of the criminals. CCTV footage from the bank has been recovered and is being scanned for information that could identify the three desperados. This is the second incident of the sort in Delhi in the past months. In October 2018, robbery claimed the life of the cashier in a Corporation Bank branch in Chhawla in south-west Delhi. The robbers, who had fled with Rs 3 lakh, were arrested a day later.



Wall Collapses as Water Flows Downhill Slope


Mumbai: The Ambedkar Nagar and Pimparipada shanties that were swept away after the wall around BMC’s Malad (East) reservoir collapsed, most probably under the pressure of water, have come up on land belonging to the forest department. In 2008, they were served notices to vacate the place, but nothing happened. Two years ago, BMC built the wall to keep them out of the premises of the reservoir, and unaware of any potential danger, they settled even closer to the wall. A few years ago, some of them were relocated to Chandivali as there was a fear of the wall collapsing following heavy rains. Some of them claimed the forest department had promised to rehabilitate them. Locals said though the water level behind the wall was rising, the BMC and forest department had not issued any alert or ordered their evacuation. Once the wall fell, people and even two-wheelers, cupboards, television sets were swept away like hay, said an eyewitness. Locals from the slum were the first responders, and rushed the injured to hospital in autos, taxis, bikes or whatever vehicle they could find. The police came next. It was raining heavily, and because the hilly area is difficult to access, the fire brigade took some time to reach the spot and faced the ire of the crowd. They prevented fire fighters from reaching the crash spots and insisted on first taking the injured to hospital, said chief fire officer Prabhat Rahangdale, who had joined the rescue. The two fire engines were used first to ferry the injured to hospital.



Soon the NDRF personnel with dogs and specialized concrete-cutting saws joined the firemen and began pulling out people from under the debris. There were reports that some in the crowd pelted stones at the police alleging they were not around to protect valuables in the huts. Later on Monday, BMC workers punctured holes in the rest of the wall to allow water to flow out safely. “Since 5.30pm on Monday, the water level behind the wall had reached dangerous heights. But as we did not get any warning from the municipality, we stayed put in our homes to escape the rain,” said Arun Jadhav, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar. Kalpesh Ambelakar, whose hut was the closest to the wall at Ambedkar Nagar, recalled that as water began flowing over the wall, he ran out and alerted others. He returned to take out his parents at around 12.30am. “We left behind all our belongings and ran towards the lower levels as I knew there could be some trouble,” Kalpesh said. Poonam Yadav, whose shanty leaned on the wall, said: “Just before the wall collapsed, a local youth told us it would and asked us to run. Initially, no one paid any attention, but when the wall slowly collapsed, I ran with my husband and four kids to safety with others”. Many hutments were washed into a nullah downstream. Bodies too were later found there. “I was in neck deep water, but my son held me and helped me breathe before others came to rescue us,” said Chandrakala Jadhav, who lost her brother-in-law. “Water took him away. He is survived by his ailing wife and three toddlers”.



Mulund Building Security Guard Dies in wall collapse



Mumbai: A Security Guard of a Mulund housing complex died and three others suffered injuries in a wall crash late on Monday. “Our complex shares a wall with a defunct company. Due to the heavy rain, water came gushing in from the company and accumulated in our basement. I and other residents came down to secure the electric room as well as the lift from knee-deep water which was rising to a dangerous level,” said 55-yearold S S Negi, secretary of Falguni building. Security guard Gabri Singh was assisting Negi and two other residents, Jawed Khan (45) and Aditya Mistry (24), when the wall collapsed as the water flowed out with force, said Negi.



Water Panel puts several Districts on Flood Alert’s



Mumbai: The Central Water Commission (CWC) has issued a flood alert for several districts in the state for the next five days, indicating the possibility of flash floods in some rivers. The districts put on alert include Raigad, Thane, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and other districts in Vidarbha. The alert follows the very heavy to extremely heavy rain that lashed parts of the state till Tuesday morning. Palghar received as much as 380 mm rainfall, closely followed by Santacruz in the city at 370 mm rain. Then came Vasai (320 mm), Matheran (190 mm) and Karjat (140 mm), among other places. At least 31 locations recorded triple-digit rainfall till Tuesday morning, revealed the India Meteorological Department (IMD) data.



The advisory said: “IMD has forecast heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places, with isolated extremely heavy rainfall over Konkan and Goa, Chhattisgarh and East Madhya Pradesh on July 3; and West Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha on July 4. There is a likelihood of rise in water levels in various river basins”. Heavy to very heavy rain is expected in north Konkan, including in and around the city, on July 3. The advisory said there could be rapid rise in the water level in the Damanganga basin in the districts of Nashik, Valsad in Gujarat and Silvassa in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Daman over the next 48 hours.



3 Armed Robbers Strike at 24×7 Medical Store in South Delhi

The shop is located in Sarai Jullena locality. The robbery was captured on CCTV camera.



New Delhi: When three men entered a round-the-clock medical store in southeast Delhi’s New Friends Colony at 4am on Tuesday, the staff thought they were customers until they took out pistols and looted the shop before fleeing unchallenged five minutes later. Cashier Shyamlal and shop employee Jai Singh were present in the 24×7 medical store owned by Mayank Garg in the Sarai Jullena locality. Footage from the store’s CCTV cameras show three masked men entering the shop and seconds later, waving their weapons and prodding the two staffers to one place. While one of the trio sat on a stool in the middle of the store and kept an eye on the employees, having threatened them not to cry for help, the other two started rummaging around for cash. The footage shows them checking the cash boxes one by one even as the employees stand helplessly by. The robbers can be seen emptying the cash boxes and also snatching the mobile phones of the two shop employees. According to Chinmoy Biswal, DCP (southeast), the police received a call about the incident at 5am and a team was sent to the spot. “The police team found that early in the morning, around 4am, three armed men had entered the empty shop taking advantage of the deserted area at the time,” Biswal disclosed.



“They took away cash amounting to nearly one lakh rupees. They also robbed the shop employees of their mobile phones before fleeing on a motorcycle”. The intruders had taken care to cover their faces. The man manning the getaway bike had a helmet on, while the two others had used handkerchiefs to mask themselves. “A case of robbery under Section 392 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered and the police teams are working to nab the culprits,” said Biswal. Apart from the local police, the Crime Branch and Special Cell have also been asked to help in the case. Based on the CCTV footage, the cops have prepared an electronic route likely to have been taken by the robbers. The two employees of the store have been interviewed for clues on the dialect the trio used and for peculiarities in their mannerisms and actions. Based on this, the robbers’ possible physical appearances are being studied and the details will be circulated among police informers for help in identifying them. Police said they hoped to make a breakthrough soon.



Man in Burqa tries to Break open ATM, held



Chennai: The helmet was a giveaway. Not because it adorned the head of a customer in a Velachery ATM kiosk in the wee hours, but because it was worn over a burqa. A police team, which noticed the same customer in the same booth for an unusually long time, found ‘she’ was R Rajkumar, a resident of Gandhi Nagar in Velachery, who was trying to break open the cash chest. A court later sent him to jail. Around 2am, a police team was passing by the ATM booth on 100 Ft Bypass Road when it spotted a person in a burqa. A long while later, the team members were returning along the same route when they saw ‘her’ still inside. Now suspicious, they entered and saw the person was wearing a helmet over the burqa and had expensive shoes on.



The customer, however, walked to the door and then began running. The police personnel gave chase and soon caught up. At the station, during interrogation, Rajkumar’s game was up and police found a hand-held gas-cutter concealed in the voluminous garment. The welder told police officers that that he had borrowed a lot of money to expand his business and soon was reeling under a mountain of debt before he decided to break into the ATM. Asked why he had worn a burqa and a helmet over it, Rajkumar said it was to avoid being ‘caught’ by the numerous CCTV cameras along the road as well the camera in the kiosk. Police who questioned Rajkumar in detail to see if he had been involved in any similar crime. They also lifted a few sets of his fingerprints to send them to the state crime records bureau (SCRB) to check if they matched those lifted from scenes of previous crime cases in the state.

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