News Flash – 11 July 2019

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Fingerprints Nail Thief Caught on CCTV


Mumbai: When a suspect detained for theft denied involvement in the crime, the GRP decided to confront him with “irrefutable proof” of his presence at the crime scene. They analysed chance fingerprints (see graphic) left on a piece of glass and found a match with those of the suspect. The theft had occurred at the ticket booking office of Dockyard Road station early on Sunday. The accused, Sunil Rathod, 25, was arrested on Tuesday. Between 2.38am and 2.50am on Sunday, Rathod allegedly went up to the ticket booking office. He had brought along tools. He went to counter No. 5, unscrewed the glass on the counter, took off rods and pocketed around Rs 3,800. CCTV cameras at the station captured him heading for the booking office and later walking away. Booking clerks discovered the theft when they came to work and opened a drawer to hand out change to passengers waiting in queue. An FIR was registered with the GRP by a booking clerk. The police made copies of CCTV grabs and circulated them on WhatsApp to all personnel. “We also announced a reward for his capture,” said GRP senior inspector Rajendra Pal.



Finally, two constables on night patrol at the station on Tuesday struck gold. They spotted a man wearing the same clothes and footwear as the suspect seen in the CCTV grabs. He was brought to the chowky, but he refused to confess the crime. The police found that he lived on a skywalk at Cotton Green. “On the day the crime was reported, we had seized the piece of glass that had been cut out by the thief. We sought help from Mumbai city police, who have forensic investigation minivans. The glass was analysed and chance fingerprints left on it were picked up. These were then matched with Rathod’s fingerprints,” said Pal. To match a print, an analyst identifies specific points on a suspect’s fingerprint with the same information in a chance fingerprint left at the crime scene. At least eight features should match to give a positive report. In Rathod’s case, there was a match for three of his five fingers. The GRP also observed that Rathod’s gait matched that of the man captured on CCTV.



Bengaluru Building Basements Crash, Child among 5 Dead

UNSAFE GROUND: A senior BBMP official said the buildings were being constructed on a parcel of land that had high groundwater table.



Bengaluru: Five persons, including a toddler, were killed after the basements of an apartment and an adjacent under-construction building caved in on Hutchins Road, Thomas Town, Pulakeshinagar, in the early hours of Wednesday. The occupied apartment dangerously leaned on another occupied apartment to its left, prompting the authorities to evacuate the residents of the third building too. Seven persons, including a woman, were pulled out from under the crashed basements and shifted to hospital. The injured and the dead, from Nepal, were daily wage workers and lived in the basements of the buildings. BBMP officials said the buildings had been constructed on unstable land and the groundwater table at the spot was high. Adequate precautions during construction were not taken, they pointed out. The basement of the occupied apartment crashed around 2.30am. Within minutes, the under-construction apartment to its right, too, crashed. Both buildings had four floors above the basement. In both cases, the fourth floors were illegal, a BBMP official said. “The couple and their daughter were residing in the basement of the private apartment, while two daily wage workers who were living in the basement of the under-construction building were killed in the building crash,” informed additional commissioner of police (east) S Murugan. All the eight families living in the apartment were rescued. Three cars and seven motorcycles parked in the basement of the apartment were severely damaged.

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