News Flash – 21 August 2019

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Security Firms under Cop Scanner



New Delhi: Following complaints that some security agencies were violating rules and others operating without the mandatory registration, the home department of the state government has asked Delhi Police to tighten the noose on them. Sources said the home department issued a circular to registered security agencies to follow the guidelines laid down under the Delhi Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Rules, 2009, or face stringent action. According to officials, there are about 1,400 security agencies registered in Delhi under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, and granted licence to operate in the capital. Delhi government had made certain rules, which were notified in 2009, which the registered agencies were supposed to follow to provide security services to various government and private establishments. “We have got complaint that a number of private security agencies have cropped up in Delhi, which are not registered with us and are operating without mandatory licence. Such fly-by-night agencies can be a threat to the law and order,” a Delhi government official said.



Panic Swells with Yamuna Level Rising


New Delhi: The Yamuna continued to swell through the day on Tuesday, triggering panic among thousands of people living in its vicinity. The water level touched 206.4 metres at 9pm, and the river submerged more areas on its floodplain dotted with farms, clusters of makeshift houses and animal shelters. Farmers in Usmanpur, Haathi Ghat, Geeta Colony and other areas said that they had lost their shelters and also vegetables worth tens of thousands of rupees in the floods. Authorities said that the water level hasn’t yet peaked. According to the forecast of the ministry of water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation, the water level in Yamuna may touch its peak of 207.08 m between 1pm and 5pm on Wednesday. In 2013, the water level had touched 207.3m mark. At this level, the river is likely to unleash greater chaos. Authorities, however, said that even if the Yamuna level hits its peak, there is no threat of flooding in any part of the city beyond the embankments. Popular Tibetan Monastery Market, located in low-lying area near ISBT terminal on Ring Road, was closed till further orders. Authorities were keeping a close watch on the Tibetan refugee colony at Majnu Ka Tilla from where people had to be evacuated in 2013. “We have back-up plans ready for evacuation from the Tibetan refugee colony,” said central district DM Sandeep Jacques.



Revenue minister Kailash Gahlot inspected relief camps at Haathi Ghat and Kanchan Colony. After interacting with the evacuated people, the minister directed the DMs to ensure availability of relief materials. Compared with Monday, more people were camping in the relief camps even though many others were yet to leave their houses on the floodplain despite the swelling Yamuna. The road to Dhobi Ghat near Batla House in Okhla was flanked by tents brimming with children and adults. A makeshift kitchen supplies three times meal to those evacuated to the tents from nearby shanties. More than the threat of flood, disability of his father bothered seven-year-old Zeeshan camping in the tent with family. “The water level is rising. We will also shift other families into the tents when it rises more,” said Md. Faizan. At Jagatpur in Wazirabad, people had to abandon a cluster of houses illegally built on the floodplain, and shift to camps after the road connecting the houses to the main road was completely submerged. “We are getting three meals a day. The tea is given only once,” said Sitaram, a relief beneficiary. Over 15,000 people were evacuated from different parts of the city and majority of them were shifted to about 2,300 tents. Since many people refused to leave their houses, only 10,500 of the 15,000 evacuated were staying in the tents. A total of 53 boats are ready for rescue operations, and 30 boats have been placed at locations where higher impact of flood is expected.



Yamuna Bazar Residents show Grit as their Houses get Flooded

The unauthorised colony has 500-odd houses, built over five decades within the Yamuna embankment area.



New Delhi: In the otherwise cheerful Yamuna Bazar near Kashmere Gate, chaos prevailed on Tuesday when floodwater left the houses, many of them double-storeyed, in knee-deep water. The unauthorised residential colony has 500-odd houses, built over five decades within the Yamuna embankment area. The embankment neatly divides the cluster of houses from the main city. As the waters of the Yamuna entered her house, Nitu exhibited no panic or desperation. Instead of deserting her concrete-and-brick house in haste, Nitu worked furiously to store the household goods on tables and racks while simultaneously attending to her children. The male members of the family busied themselves in similar manner. This resilience of Yamuna Bazar was exemplified by another man; whose house too was awash in water. “Yamuna Mata has come to our house. Even if we die, we will attain moksha,” he intoned. Nearby, a youth pulled out a sleeping infant from a flooded house, careful not to wake the baby up. The tot was quickly ferried to the roof through a narrow iron staircase and placed on a cot. He slept unattended as the young man returned to the task of pulling out other domestic items. In several other houses, the adults pushed the children and toddlers to the rooftops of their dilapidated houses. And unmindful of the crisis staring at their families, they engaged in playful activities. At 5.45pm, there were no civil officials, civil defence volunteers, divers or any public representative at Yamuna Bazar to assuage the concerns of the flood-hit and arrange relief. “The authorities have pitched only 12 tents at a nearby park,” complained resident Neelam. “How can they accommodate the 2,000 people whose houses have been flooded here? We have not been given any food either. No one came to pay us a visit as if they don’t care for our lives”.



A man with a limp, perched on a platform, revealed that many children had to skip the afternoon meal because very few were able to cook in the flooded kitchens. The water made its way into the colony on Tuesday morning and by evening, the entire colony was submerged in a couple of feet of water. The owners of the double storeyed houses dumped their goods on the upper floor. Most of them refused to leave their houses due to fear of theft, especially because they could not move some important items such as refrigerators to the tents provided by the authorities. They also casually ignored the threat of their houses collapsing. Central district magistrate Sandeep Jacques said he had ordered the local SHO to get the people to vacate the flooded houses and shift to the tents. “More tents are being put up,” Jacques said. On the flooded banks too, there was similar reluctance to leave behind their submerged homes. In east Delhi’s Usmanpur, many families refused to move out of their shanties and a police officer resignedly said, “We cannot force them to shift because it’s a delicate time and any aggressive behaviour by police could lead to law and order issues. Those who decided not to move out thought it was the best option. They said the authorities could take advantage of their temporary vacation of their plots to oust them from their houses. They are indeed on slippery ground because the shanties have been built on encroached land on the Yamuna floodplain. A man bundled off his wife and four children to the government tent, but himself slept in his shack on Monday night. “He does not want to leave the house, it might be burgled,” said Veena Devi, his wife. A bigger fear than losing their belongings is perhaps of the law catching up with them.



3 from Bangladesh in net for Narendrapur Robbery

Maya Dutta shows the empty bag and jewellery boxes



Kolkata: At least three of the nine robbers who looted a house in Narendrapur in the guise of policemen early on Monday are Bangladeshi nationals. The trio is among the four arrested so far by police in the case. Interrogation of the driver of the gang’s getaway car, Dipu Sharma, threw up names of the other suspects, of whom Rezaul Sheikh, Mamon Sheikhand Sabuj Sheikh all Bangladeshis are already in custody. Sharma, Rezaul and Mamon were apprehended by the locals as the gang was fleeing with their loot from the house of Arup Dutta. They were later handed over to the police later. Sabuj was arrested on Tuesday. Among the four arrested, Rezaul had earlier served a seven-year jail term for a dacoity in Kolkata. Cops said it was he who had masterminded the robbery at the Dutta house.



Raids are on to nab the remaining five gang members. Most of the Rs 70,000 and 130g of gold jewellery has already been recovered. Sleuths said the three Bangladeshis were residents of Jogeshgunj. After questioning the three, cops learnt that Rezaul had been lying low after his release from jail. A few months ago, he had rented a place to stay at Sonarpur’s Kandhar. From there, Rezaul started contacting his criminal associates in Bangladesh, Kolkata and its suburbs. During this time, he prepared a blueprint for the robbery. A team was formed and plans drawn up. Superintendent of Baruipur police Rashid Munir Khan said: “We have completed the test identification parade of the four suspects in our custody. We shall take them in police remand and interrogate them further to find out about the others in the gang. Our efforts to recover the rest of the loot is on. We shall also question them about the source of their firearms”.



After Nellai (Tirunelveli), Elderly Duo near Thanjavur Fight, nab Burglar

AGE NO BAR: Indra and Palaniappan



Thanjavur: Close on the heels of an elderly couple fighting off armed burglars in Tirunelveli recently, an elderly couple from Thanjavur in the wee hours of Tuesday fought a thief and caught him with the help of some neighbours. Palaniappan, 61, a groundnut vendor of Throwpathi Amman Temple Street in Orathanadu, and his wife P Indra, 50, had gone to Perungalur in Pudukottai district to attend a family function along with their son P Kumaresan, 28, on Monday, according to police. The couple returned home around 5.30am on Tuesday when Palaniappan noticed that the lock on the front grill gate was broken. Sensing that something was amiss, Palaniappan entered the house just when an unidentified person attempted to flee from the house through the gate. Indira, who was standing near the gate, acted swiftly and punched the burglar, following which the culprit collapsed. Both Indira and Kumaresan caught the man and Palaniappan also joined them and raised an alarm. Soon, neighbours rushed to the spot and caught the burglar. A police team headed by sub-inspector Vijay Krishna from Orathanadu police station rushed to the spot. During interrogation, police ascertained that culprit was Rajendran, 57, of Thanjavur. Police arrested him and further investigation was on.

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