News Flash – 24 June 2019

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Two Russians held for withdrawing Rs.50,000 with Cloned ATM card



Mumbai: Two Russians were arrested recently for allegedly withdrawing Rs 50,000 from the bank account of a Khar resident even as his bank ATM card was in his possession. The money was withdrawn using the 40-year-old account holder’s cloned card in March. Officials of Khar police station learnt that the two men—Pethyu George Jiji (51) and Nedesco Yaun Yanoon (36)—who stole the money are the same who had been caught by Bandra police station officials on May 29 for allegedly fitting a skimmer and hidden camera at the bank’s ATM kiosk on Water Field Road in Bandra. The two Russian nationals are in police custody as they are suspected to have stolen many cardholders’ details over the last four months by fitting skimmers at ATMs. The Khar resident learnt about the fraud at midnight on March 2 after he got a series of transaction alerts on his phone about money being withdrawn from his salary account. During the probe the duo was arrested after the Khar police station got their custody from Bandra on June 19.



Eye in Sky: Delhi Starts Installing CCTV’s

KICK-OFF: Manish Sisodia himself installed a couple of cameras in Patparganj, his assembly constituency.



New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party government’s flagship scheme of installing 1.4 lakh closed-circuit television cameras in public places was formally launched on Sunday by deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia who himself installed a couple of cameras in Patparganj, his assembly constituency. Dozens of CCTV cameras have already been installed in different parts of the city. “This is a historic project with regard to women’s safety. A big dream of the people has been fulfilled. Women’s security and law and order may not be under the Delhi government, but we are doing everything within our power to provide it to women,” Sisodia said. The deputy chief minister said, “Delhi Police may not be with us, but rest assured that Delhi government’s cameras will keep an eye out for you in all corners of the city. No miscreant, chain snatcher or harasser will be able to escape surveillance. All that women now have to do is describe the attacker and we’ll find the culprit in no time with the help of the video footage. The cameras will come as a huge relief for our daughters, sisters and mothers who are afraid to step out after dark for fear of harassment and assault”. Installation of 2,000 CCTV cameras in each of the 70 assembly constituencies was one of the key promises made by the Aam Aadmi Party before the 2015 assembly elections. The project was delayed due to a prolonged tussle between the lieutenant governor (LG) and Delhi government. This was one of the main reasons for chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and three of his cabinet colleagues to stage a Dharna inside LG House last year. The cameras were installed after MLAs consulted various Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWA) to determine the spots for optimum surveillance and benefits.



Public consultation is over in several parts of the assembly constituencies paving the way for installation of the cameras. Since the execution of the project has already been delayed, the AAP government doesn’t want to waste any more time and has directed the authorities to finish installation of all 1.4 lakh cameras within three months. Completion of the work will boost the confidence of AAP when it goes to the people seeking votes for the state assembly elections due early next year. In the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, the opposition parties had used the absence of cameras to target AAP. The state government has planned to install 1.5 lakh more cameras in the second phase of the project, which will be in addition to those being installed in government schools. “The tendering process has started for the second phase,” Sisodia added. Keeping in view incidents of power cables being cut off by miscreants, the government has decided to install cameras that run on Wi-Fi, making the system tamperproof. Live feed and footage up to 20 days will be provided to RWA members, the station house officer (SHO) of the local police station and a central control room at PWD headquarters. RWA members can track the feeds on their mobile phones even for issues like damage to vehicles. “Every SHO will get access to video feeds on their mobile phone from areas under their jurisdiction. Policemen will no more need to run around looking for footage, which usually delays investigations. The PWD headquarters will have access to every single feed across the city to ensure there is no tampering,” said the deputy chief minister, adding that the CCTV cameras will not just be installed in colonies and housing societies, but also in slums.



14 Dead, 50 Injured as Storm Blows Down Tent in Barmer

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Strong winds not only brought down the 50-foot-tall pandal but also the sagging power cables, leading to electrocution and stampede, consecutively.



Jaisalmer/Jaipur: At least 14 people were killed and over 50 others injured after strong winds and rain brought down the “Pandal” (tent) at a religious congregation in Barmer on Sunday afternoon. Most of the victims are believed to have died due to electrocution when the sagging power cables fell to the drenched ground, triggering a stampede. The victims, including children and elderly men and women, had gathered in Jasol to listen to “Ram Katha” by Murlidhar Maharaj when the tragedy struck. Most of the bodies brought to a local hospital had their mouths open, indicating electrocution. However, the local administration said only post-mortem reports would reveal the causes of death. Locals at Jasol town claimed they had seen heavy winds uprooting the 50-foothigh pandal, burying devotes under a heap of iron poles holding up the makeshift shed. The entire floor, which just a couple of minutes before had an air of celebration, erupted in pandemonium. Many elderly devotees and some children could not escape and were said to have died on the spot due to the electric current passing across the rain-drenched ground.



“The entire ground was filled with mud due to heavy rain and the electric current quickly swept through the area due to which we could not easily rescue people stranded inside the mangled pandal,” a local said, adding that the electric current had initially stalled the rescue operation. Over 700 devotees had gathered under the tent on the second day of the “Ram Katha” when the tragedy occurred. Murlidhar Maharaj, who was singing a bhajan from the podium, stopped midway and screamed, “Pandal ud raha hai (The pandal is beng blown away) ”. The entire Ram Katha was broadcast live on You Tube. Officials said Murlidhar Maharaj had escaped unscathed but was still admitted to a hospital. Speaking to TOI, district collector Himashu Gupta said the “Ram Katha” had been organized near Mata Bhatiyani Rai temple in Jasol town. “Some of the injured have been shifted to Jodhpur, others are undergoing treatment in hospitals at the Balotra and Barmer district headquarters,” he said. An ex gratia amount of Rs.5 lakhs for the next of kin of each dead person and Rs.2 lakhs for each injured person was announced. The CM is expected to visit Barmer on Monday.

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