News Flash – 29 May 2019

National News



ATM Break-in attempt in South Kolkata

The vandalized ATM



Kolkata: In yet another case of a ATM break-in at a public sector ATM, some unidentified assailants tried to loot an ATM located at Madurdaha under the Anandapur police station. Though the assailant failed to break into the cash box, the attempt damaged the printing machine and other equipment inside the machine. Though the incident took place a few days back, it took the intervention of the local Alipore court to register a FIR and investigate the case. The police said an investigation has begun after an FIR under IPC section 427 (causing mischief) was registered by the branch manager of the Madurdaha SBI branch. Surprisingly, the break-in attempt was done in broad day light. Cops said when they contacted the bank officials, they said the accused had not been able to reach the vault. “The accused had managed to damage the ATM but could not reach the vault. However, we have asked the bank officials to count the money and give us in writing that nothing has gone missing. We have registered a suo-motu case in this regard,” said a senior officer from east police division. A number of repeated attempts on the ATMs in south suburban and eastern parts of the city — though neither of the attempts were successful — have left the cops wondering if the same gang or person were involved in the crimes. The local police have been asked to be vigilant, said sources in Lalbazar. “We are looking into the footage. But by the nature of the crime it seems one gang was involved in it and it is from the locality,” a senior police officer said.



Staffer, 2 aides make duplicate safe keys & steal Rs.2.5cr Diamonds



Mumbai: Nearly a week after diamonds worth Rs 2.5 crore were stolen from a diamond trading firm at Opera House, the V P Road police arrested an employee and his two associates on Tuesday. To protect their identity, the suspects—Tarang Parikh (32), Naresh Patel (34) and Tejas Sarvaiya (33)—also took the DVR of the CCTV camera installed in the office. Zonal DCP Abhishek Trimukhe said they have recovered diamonds worth Rs 1.5 crore. “On May 22, when the complainant, Malay Mehta, walked into his Opera House office, he was shocked to find raw and polished diamonds worth Rs 2.5 crore missing from the safe,” said Trimukhe. “The safe was not broken indicating that the thieves had used duplicate keys”.



During investigation, the police found security lapses such as most offices had CCTV cameras that only covered their areas and there was no guard at night. “We were sure that it was an inside job,” said Shantanu Pawar, assistant commissioner of police. “After questioning all 12 employees of the firm, we zeroed in on two of them. Then using technical help, we focused on Parikh who worked as a diamond sorter.” The police said Parikh tried to waylay them by giving his false location at the time of the incident, but they caught his lie by tracing his mobile tower location. During interrogation, Tarang said he had hatched the robbery plan a month ago and managed to make a duplicate set of the office and safe keys, said a police officer.



International News



Knife-wielding man attacks schoolgirls in Japan, 2 dead

People pray after the stabbing victims in Kawasaki on Tuesday.



Kawasaki: Every morning across Japan, parents say goodbye to their children and send them off to school. Students as young as 6, dressed in uniforms and shouldering leather backpacks, travel to school on their own, their families secure in the knowledge that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. That peaceful assumption was shattered on Tuesday when a man wielding two long-blade knives stabbed 17 schoolgirls and two adults at a bus stop in a suburb near Tokyo, according to police. One of the girls, an 11-year-old, and a 39-year-old man died in the assault, and the attacker fatally stabbed himself. It was a shocking event for a country where violent crime is rare and the kinds of mass shootings that have devastated schools across the US have never occurred because of strict gun-control laws. By night, police had not identified a motive. Officials at Caritas, the Roman Catholic school that the kids attended, said they had received no warning and did not know the attacker. NHK, the public broadcaster, identified the attacker as 51-year-old Ryuichi Iwasaki. The attack took place less than a kilometre from the local train station, where many students had arrived that morning before walking to the bus stop. Fourteen of the 18 girls who were stabbed were in first grade.



“This is a very safe neighbourhood,” said Toki Kudo, owner of a Century 21 real estate office not far from where the stabbings took place. “I was born and raised in this town, and I have never heard of any crime like this.” Kudo, 37, said he sent his 8-yearold son to school alone by train and bus every day. NHK identified the child who died in the attack as Hanako Kuribayashi, 11. Hanako was in sixth grade at Caritas. NHK, citing police, said that a father of a student at Caritas had also died. The broadcaster identified him as Satoshi Oyama, 39, a diplomat with the foreign ministry. The ministry declined to comment. Satoru Shitori, the vice principal of Caritas, said he had been waiting at the bus stop Tuesday, as he did every morning, to help kids who had come from the train station to board one of the buses that the school runs back and forth to the campus. Shitori said he had just helped about six students board the bus when he heard screams coming from the back of the line. Shitori said he saw the attacker racing toward the bus stop, slashing at students as he ran. He added that he chased the attacker but the man ran away. The attack occurred on the last day of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Japan. “On behalf of the first lady and myself, I want to take a moment to send our prayers and sympathies to the victims of the stabbing attack this morning in Tokyo,” Trump said.

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