News Flash – 30 August 2019

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2 Coaches of Express Train Catch Fire, timely action saves Lives

The fire was caused by a problem with the brake binding.



New Delhi: Two coaches of the Hyderabad-Delhi Telangana Express caught fire near the Asaoti railway station in Haryana on Wednesday morning after a problem occurred in the brake binding. No casualties or injuries were reported as the coaches were vacated on time, a railway official said. The incident occurred at 7.55am when the Delhi bound train 12723 was crossing Asaoti. Officials said a gateman spotted smoke coming out from a coach and informed the staff. A railway official said that rail operations on both the up and down lines had to be stopped immediately, leading to several delays and diversions. “The fire took nearly an hour to extinguish,” said Northern Railway CPRO Deepak Kumar. “The fire occurred due to a problem with the brake binding. The two coaches that caught fire were immediately isolated and the staff of the train evacuated passengers as soon as the train was stopped”.



1,200 Swine Flu Cases this year, Peak Season yet to start


Hyderabad: Telangana has recorded the sixth highest number of swine flu cases in the country after Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka this year, despite the peak period for the vector-borne disease yet to begin. A total of 1,277 cases have been confirmed this year, with 12 cases being reported last week alone. Last year, 1,007 people had been infected and 28 lost their lives, but only 21 of the total detected cases had taken place until August. The rest were reported in September, October and November. About four to five dozen suspected cases are being reported each day from across the state this year. Three new cases of swine flu were detected on Wednesday, two from the city and one from Mahabubnagar. A total of 68 suspected cases were tested. “Typically, swine cases are reported during September.



Virus activity peaks between October and December, occasionally stretching up to January. The peak season began in September last year. We are expecting many cases this year and arrangements have been made to accommodate swine flu patients in special wards of district hospitals. The staff at fever hospital and at Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) have been readied to work round the clock,” said a senior official from the state health department. With 659 cases so far, Hyderabad district has the highest number of cases followed by Medchal (224) and Rangareddy (206) – all three falling mostly under GHMC limits. Experts have advised people to visit a hospital if they experience primary symptoms of swine flu such as high fever, sneezing cough and body ache.



Taxi Drivers, Bikers & Corporate execs get Safety Tips from Cops

Kolkata traffic police officers spread lane driving awareness among participants.

The new surveillance vehicles that were added to the Kolkata Police fleet at Lalbazar on Thursday.



Kolkata: It was an unusual test drive for a group of 45 odd motorists from taxi drivers and bikers to corporate executives where cops made the riders use a Segway to understand the importance of lane driving. The move ‘Learn with Fun’ was an initiative by officials of Kasba Traffic Guard as part of the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign and Road Safety Week organised at Geetanjali stadium. “We brought together a number of motorists with an aim to encourage them to follow traffic rules diligently and spread the message among fellow motorists. We wanted to do this in an adventurous and engaging manner and came up with a game,” said a senior officer of the traffic guard. The officer added: “The motorists were to ride a Segway on a 10m lane. They gained points for staying within the lane and stopping at the centre of the yellow box at the end. The participants lost points when they crossed the stop line or drove outside it”.



Stop line violation, failure to maintain lanes, signal violation, speeding, unnecessary honking is predominant in the city and the cops said the move was aimed at setting an example that if one has the will, they can create safer road conditions for themselves, other motorists and pedestrians. “It was a fun experience that made me realise that maintaining lanes and following traffic signals and signs are not very difficult and are eventually going to help me drive smoothly,” said Mahesh Kumar, who works at a private firm and drives four- and two-wheelers to and from the office. The traffic guard later organised a beat boxing and flash mob activity on Rashbehari Avenue connector to spread the traffic safety awareness campaign.



Rs.10 Lakhs Fine for Dengue Breeding Spots


Chennai: Greater Chennai Corporation will fine hospitals, both government and private, up to Rs.10 lakhs if they are found to be breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes that causes diseases like dengue. Fines will also be imposed on residential areas, construction sites, educational institutions, industrial and commercial establishments. Hospitals have been advised to watch out for unclean backyards, terraces and other areas, which are prone to negligence. “In some hospitals, used medicine bottles are left on the terrace. It is a sorry state of affair,” a senior corporation official said. There are more than 600 50-bed hospitals in the city. On Thursday, the civic body conducted an orientation training for private practitioners on fever management and treatment protocol. Addressing a gathering of doctors, commissioner G Prakash appealed to them to make use of the goodwill they enjoy among public and advice their patients on the dos and don’ts s to prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Stating that it is a misconception that the civic body takes up measures to control vector-borne diseases only ahead of the monsoon, the commissioner clarified that it’s a year round operation and said 2,950 domestic breeding checkers (DBC) have been working to survey potential breeding grounds in residences.



“We have divided the city into 3,000 blocks and each worker (DBC) will survey 500 houses in a week. They will check backyards and terraces for unused Tyres, open water drums and other areas,” Prakash said. Sanitary officers will be the overseeing authority, which will be reviewed by zonal health officers. The commissioner said apart from hospitals and residences, focus is also on government buildings, vacant plots and locked houses. The civic body has identified 24,000 such vacant plots in the city. Residences and owners of vacant plots will be issued notices first and if they fail to take action, fines will be imposed. “Fines are not our intention. But, sometimes we are forced to resort to this measure,” Prakash said. The civic body has also written to the heads of departments of all government offices, including the Secretariat, and requested to keep the office campuses clean and free of breeding spots. There are 4,500 government offices in the city, according to an official. Earlier, director of public health Dr K Kolandaisamy appealed to the private hospitals to encourage their staff and students to keep their surroundings clean. He asked private hospitals to inform the civic body or the public health department immediately in case an infected person is admitted to their hospital. There are 140 urban primary health centers (UPHC) and 15 100-bed hospitals with the corporation where patients are treated free of cost.

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