News Flash – 7 October 2019

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95 mm Rainfall in City, more in Store, says IMD

On Sunday, water entered the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Malla Reddy Narayana Multispecialty Hospital in Jeedimetla.



Hyderabad: Heavy rain on Sunday resulted in waterlogging and inundation in parts of the city with many areas receiving up to 95 mm rainfall within a span of three hours. The heavy downpour, which began at around 1pm, left revellers planning to visit Durga Puja pandals and Garba venues disheartened. According to the Telangana State Development Planning Society, Jagadgirigutta received highest rainfall of 95.8 mm, followed by 92.5 mm in Gajularamaram in Quthbullapur mandal, 85.3 mm in Shapur Nagar and 73 mm in Subhash Nagar. Many other areas such as Kukatpally, Amberpet, Ramanthapur, Musheerabad received 50-60 mm rainfall. Meteorologists have attributed heavy rains to an upper air cyclonic circulation over north Karnataka which is inducing moist-laden winds over the region, resulting in formation of rain-bearing clouds over Hyderabad.



“Hyderabad and rest parts of the state would see light to moderate rain and thundershowers for the next three to four days. Intense lightning strikes would also be seen during this time,” stated a weather report issued by Skymet, an independent weather forecasting agency. The India Meteorological Department, Hyderabad, has also issued thunderstorm, lightning and heavy rainfall warning till October 9. Officials claim that city would observe heavy rains mostly during late afternoon, evening or early night hours. Whereas, dry and warm weather with high humidity shall prevail during morning, forenoon and early afternoon hours. The IMD, Hyderabad, forecast that intensity of rainfall will gradually reduce from mid-October as withdrawal of southwest monsoon shall commence. “The withdrawal of southwest monsoon is likely to commence from northwest India around October 10,” stated the IMD’s forecast.



Viral Conjunctivitis giving People the Pink Eye in City


Chennai: The virus that leaves many with a running nose and respiratory diseases is now beginning to leave people with a pink eye. Conjunctivitis, one of the most common eye problems, is now back with a vengeance, doctors say. Nearly 90% of all conjunctivitis is caused by adenovirus. “The affected eye is red, itchy, irritated and gritty, and produces a watery discharge similar to tears. In some people, it quickly spreads to the second eye as well,” said Dr S Soundari, head of medical services, Agarwal Eye Hospitals. “I see at least five new patients with this problem every day. Many come after trying antibiotics from the drug store, but since it’s caused by a virus, antibiotics don’t work,” she said. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of conjunctiva, the normally transparent membrane that sits on top of the white part of the eye (sclera). The conjunctiva secretes mucus and tears that lubricates the eye. It also contains immune cells and tissue that prevents infection. The eye turns pink because the blood vessels dilate in response to irritation and inflammation caused by the virus.



“It is also why eyes go dry and tired,” said senior ophthalmologist Dr M Anand Babu. Although uneasiness from conjunctivitis settles down in three or four days, most patients are advised to stay in isolation for at least ten days. Eye secretions and droplets from the respiratory tract of infected people transmit the virus. “It is highly contagious, it often causes epidemics in schools, workplaces and within family,” he said. Like most viral diseases, there is no antiviral medication for treating conjunctivitis caused by virus. Doctors may, however, prescribe eye drops that can help keep the eye moist. Eye compressions and massages may work wonders. Meanwhile, intensive care units of children’s’ hospitals and wards are filling with children having severe respiratory diseases caused by adenovirus. “It makes them very sick and some even require ventilation, but many of them often come around,” said senior intensivist Dr Bala Ramachandran of the Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital.



Lalitha Jewellery Heist: Kin of Murugan Detained



Trichy: A special police team, which is investigating the Lalithaa Jewellery heist case, has picked up Murali, 26, son of main suspect Murugan’s elder brother, from Tiruvarur on Sunday. Police sources said that they have been interrogating Guna, Mariappan and Ravi Parthiban who are the relatives and friends of prime suspects Murugan and Suresh. Based on the information given by Mariappan, the special team went to Tiruvarur along with Mariappan on Sunday and brought Murali to Trichy for interrogation. Seven special police teams have been formed to nab the culprits involved in the burglary at Lalithaa Jewellery in Trichy on October 2. The burglars looted 30kg of gold, platinum and diamond ornaments from the jewellery worth Rs13 crore after drilling a hole in the wall to gain entry into it. the special police teams have arrested two people including a woman in connection with the heist. They are remanded in judicial custody at the central prison in Trichy on Saturday.

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