News Flash – 9 September 2019

National News



Dengue Continues to Grip City, 750 Cases Recorded until September 7


Hyderabad: The cases of dengue have shot up in Hyderabad city over the past one week, with at least 750 people being diagnosed with the vector-borne disease up until September 7. The official records reveal that the number of other viral fevers, such as malaria and chikungunya, have also increased significantly in the past few days. As dengue and viral fevers continue to rise in the state, medical practitioners attributed the rise in dengue cases to various reasons, including rains and water-logging. “The authorities did not conduct fumigation or run any awareness drives before the monsoons started. The drive to control the breeding of mosquitoes should be conducted three to six months ahead of peak season,” said Dr. P Vijender, Osmania General Hospital. Health department officials admit that the number of dengue patients being reported in the city and across the state this year is higher than that in previous years. However, the severity of diseases, has come down this year. The director of Public Health and Family Welfare, Dr G Srinivas Rao said, “The situation is not as alarming as it was in the past. When there was a dengue outbreak in 2007, the virus was more violent where we saw a sharp decline in the platelet count of patients. This time, the virus is not that severe”. When asked about the deaths, Rao said, “There are certain deaths reported but they are all under investigation”.



Rain Unleashes Flood Fury in East & West Godavari Villages

MAROONED: Floodwater submerges Puram Main Road in Chintoor mandal in East Godavari district.



Rajahmundry: The Godavari is in spate for the second time in a month, cutting road link to about 100 villages in East Godavari district. In West Godavari, 19 villages in Polavaram mandal were badly hit. Water level in these villages is likely to go up by about two metres. The water level in the river has been steadily increasing thanks to heavy inflows from the upstream following incessant rain in the catchment area. The state government has put the administration in East and West Godavari districts on high alert as further inflows are expected in the next few days. The Krishna river is also in spate with flood water released from Karnataka. All the dams across the river are receiving heavy inflows. The road to Chintoor is also flooded and communication links to interior villages have been snapped. A second danger warning is likely to be issued on Monday morning as the water level is gradually increasing at Bhadrachalam.



The situation in four Agency mandals in East Godavari that were merged with AP is precarious. About 35 villages are cut off from the main land as water is flowing on to main roads. The National Highway-216 connecting Andhra Pradesh and Odisha has been cut off. Flood water is overflowing on Kunavaram-Bhadrachalam main road and Chintoor-VR Puram main road, disconnecting several villages. The situation remains grim in about 45 villages of Devipatnam mandal as these villages are cut off. Five villages are inundated and the Integrated Tribal Development Agency authorities have opened relief centres. The situation may turn worse in the next three or four days as flood level is likely to rise. Rampachodavaram ITDA project officer O Nishanth Kumar said that ration has been supplied already to those villages which are cut off.



Tamil Nadu Western Dams Filling Up, Flood Alert in Nilgiris

BRIMMING RESOURCE: Stanley reservoir in Mettur has reached its full capacity. Kovai Kutrallam, Monkey Falls and Baralikadu have been out of bounds for tourists for the past several weeks due to the heavy flow of water.



Coimbatore: Reservoirs in the western region of Tamil Nadu are fast filling up following abundant rainfall in the catchments areas of the Western Ghats. After a flood alert was sounded in 12 districts downstream of the Cauvery since the Stanley reservoir in Mettur touched its full reservoir level (FRL), a similar alert has been issued in the Nilgiris as the Avalanche dam is inching closer to its FRL of 186ft. The water level in the dam has touched 182ft., said Nilgiris collector J Innocent Divya asking people living on the banks of Avalanche, Kundha and Pillur to move to safer places as surplus water was released on Sunday night. Down the Ghats too, the Bhavanisagar dam in Erode, the Pillur and Aliyar dams in Coimbatore district and the Parambikulam dam were fast filling up. The water level in the Bhavanisagar dam stood at 96 feet as against the full reservoir level (FRL) of 105 feet on Sunday.



The inflow was 6,483 cusecs, facilitating a steady rise in the water level in the dam. The Pillur dam too had its water level hovering around 90.75 feet, barely 10 feet less than its FRL. The inflow was 3,250 cusecs, marginally higher than the outflow, raising hopes that the dam would fill up fast in the coming days. The water level in the Parambikulam dam was seven feet less than its FRL of 72 feet; Aliyar dam had touched 100ft out of its FRL of 120 feet. Only a month ago, the water level in the Aliyar dam near Pollachi stood at 58 feet. But over the next few days there was steady inflow because of copious rainfall. “We expect the water level to rise further in the coming days. A good storage in Aliyar and Parambikulam means enough water for agriculture in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts this year,’’ said a PWD officer. Tourists spots like Kovai Kutrallam, Monkey Falls and Baralikadu have been out of bounds for the public for the past several weeks due to the heavy flow of water.



Burglars Make Away with Gold, Rs.30L Cash



Chennai: Burglars escaped with 105 sovereigns of gold, worth more than Rs.32 lakhs, and Rs.30 lakhs through the back door of a financier’s house in Pammal on Sunday, after the house owner returned from church during the burglary. House owner Immanuel Jayaseelan’s mother returned home first and found the house latched from inside. On hearing the owners come in, the burglars scattered through the back door. A case was registered.

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