Safety Tips

Simple yet important AGILE’s safety tips:


  • Wear clothes to blend in and avoid standing out; avoid wearing flashy jewellery and displaying other expensive items.
  • Passports and other travel documents should not be carried around, but should left in a safe place.
  • Visitors are requested to lock their hotel rooms even if they are just leaving the room for a few minutes.
  • Women should always keep their handbags with them, and not hang them over the backs of chairs. Men should keep their wallets tucked out of sight.
  • Tourists are advised to avoid sex workers and strangers on road sides as they could be linked to drug peddlers.
  • Additional precautions include avoiding carrying around lots of cash.
  • If individuals habitually use the same ATM, they should change their routine and never hand their cards to any strangers offering to help them.
  • A safe distance should be kept between people when drawing money. Never count money in view of strangers and rather carry travellers’ cheques.
  • Safely keep copies of important documents and travellers’ cheque numbers, and immediately report any stolen cards or cards retained at an ATM.
  • In private cars, never leave valuables in sight when driving or when parking. Keep windows closed and doors locked at all times. Traffic lights are hotspots for opportunists and people are encouraged to remain vigilant when stopping at red lights.
  • Carry a good guidebook and map.
  • Keep a charged cellphone at all times.
  • Lock all luggage and label it clearly.
  • Keep shopping receipts for reclaiming VAT at airports.
  • Bear in mind that it is unsafe to walk around unprotected at night.
  • Stay clear of isolated dark areas.
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